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Architectural Control



Lake Sherwood Estates is not located within a public governmental jurisdiction that has minimum architectural and construction standards, the Board of Directors deems it to be in the best interests LSEA and the entire community as a whole to adopt minimum standards and code requirements, insurance, review procedures and fees, enforcement and related matters that are uniform, fair and efficient. The Rules adopted in Volume II are intended to foster an attractive exterior appearance for the community, promote quality construction, protect the welfare of the members and financial assets of LSEA, and preserve the natural resources of the community.



  1. To provide design review for all new dwellings and modifications to foster an attractive community.
  2. To maintain and promote member property values.
  3. To treat our future neighbors as equally important as our current resident neighbors.
  4. To provide overall building continuity while maximizinggreen space.
  5. To encourage and provide for quality home building.
  6. To provide a systematic user-friendly process for guiding both our future and current neighbors through the complicated task of building a new home, or other minor building projects.
  7. To provide specific rules and guidelines to help support the building process.
  8. To provide reasonable assurance that all construction is consistent with applicable codes, rules and regulations, and common sense practices.
  9. To provide harmony and orderly growth of the Lake Sherwoodcommunity as a whole.
  10. To apply Rules and Regulations to each property owner forthe mutual benefit of all property owners.
  11. Provide improved siting of new structures to control property erosion to minimize silt flow to other property and Lake Sherwood’s lakes




Joe Wolf, Chairperson – [email protected]
PO Box 1553
Lake Sherwood, MO 63357

Board Liaison, Shawn Bennett

Nick Damaso

Terry Lashley

Gabe Monroe