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2020-2021 Board of Directors


In a very broad sense, the Board of Directors are responsible for ensuring that all Rules, Regulations and Restrictions are adhered to by members and guests. The Board is ultimately responsible for maintenance and improvements to all of the amenities offered in Lake Sherwood and can impose rules and regulations that support their mission. The Board is also the ultimate decision-maker in situations involving members and Lake Sherwood Association. The Board of Directors consists of 7 members. Board members are elected by a popular vote of all Lake Sherwood Estate Association members in October. Winners are announced at the annual meeting, held in late October. Any member-in-good-standing is eligible to run for the Board. Terms for Board Members are three (3) years and at least two members have terms expiring in any given year. There is not a limit on the number of terms. Board officers are determined amongst Board members.


Name / Term Expires:



Jerry Thornton, President – October 2022

P.O. Box 1481

Lake Sherwood, MO 63357


[email protected]

Mike McKinley, Vice President & Secretary – October 2023

P.O. Box 1215

Lake Sherwood, MO 63357


[email protected]

Colleen Morgan, Treasurer – October 2023

P.O. Box 410042

St. Louis, MO 63141-9998


[email protected]

Pete Gavornik, Director – October 2024

P.O. Box 1158

Lake Sherwood, MO 63357


Shawn Bennett, Director – October 2022

P.O. Box 383

Pacific, MO 63069

[email protected]

Steve Petelik, Director – October 2024

P.O. Box 1360

Lake Sherwood, MO 63357


[email protected]

Al Jones, Director – October 2022

P.O. Box 1377

Lake Sherwood, MO 63357


[email protected]