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Lakes, Dams and Marina





LD&M Committee is the steward for the major asset of the Lake Sherwood Community. The committee monitors the ecological status of the lakes and physical conditions of all lake related facilities and associated recreational activities.



  1. Provide equality recreational opportunities for fishing and boating.
  2. Recommend and support maintenance and improvements for all lake facilities; including community docks, lake front parks, and marinas
  3. Recommending rules and regulations covering lake related user conduct and building/construction activities
  4. Recommend annual user fees, ensuring that operation lf LD&M is kept on a self-sustaining annual basis, and that a  prudent reserve is established for major future contingencies.




Board Liaison, Hans Rodgers

Steve Medlock, Chairperson

[email protected]


Curt Pahl

Tony Whited

Tony White

Ken Furrow

Craig Humphries

Brandon Dickherber

Bill Buchmeier

Gary Brown

Kyle McCollum

Mark Patterson

Steve Petelik

Don Roemer

Bill Stewart

Raymond Young

Roberta Cecil

Mike Good

Mike Weigle

Rick Mestre

Herschel Whited

Pat Glancy

Tom Heeley

Dave Sandberg

Earl Travino