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Property Standards





Lake Sherwood Estates was created by the Declaration of Restrictions originally recorded in 1967. Its purpose is to maintain a residential neighborhood possessing features of more than ordinary value to a residential community and to maintain the community as “an outstanding residential community”.

It is in the best interests of the Lake Sherwood Estates community as a whole to foster the preservation of the appearance, safety, quality and value of individually owned properties, lakes and other natural resources of the community.

The Property Standards Committee will maintain a set of community standards (LSEA Rules and Regulations, Volume IV) for the maintenance of exterior portions of the lots and dwellings, and provide procedures to achieve these standards that are fair, effective and efficient.




Review and update Rules and Regulations Volume IV on a periodic basis or at the request of the LSEA Board of Directors.

Conduct periodic assessments of properties for compliance with LSEA Rules and Regulations in an effort to maintain our community’s high standards.


Currently Seeking, Chairperson
[email protected]

Board Liaison, Lea Dixon

Currently Seeking Additional Members

In grateful remembrance of Mr. William D. Richardson on March 19, 2018 for his outstanding dedication, views, deep insight and foresight as Founder of the LSEA Property Improvement Committee ( now the Property Standards Committee) and the Architectural Control Committee.