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Property Management and Development Committee


The Property Management and Development Committee will develop a comprehensive plan for property management and property development for Lake Sherwood. This plan, a Land Utilization Plan (LUP) would identify, analyze and plan use of our physical assets including land and drainage control. The plan will also establish adequate common ground and green space. PMDC will work collaboratively with other committees to integrate the LUP with a Siltation Control Plan and Drainage Control Plan to maintain our natural environment while supporting growth of new home development. These plans will detail the next 3-5 years of maintenance and development for LSEA.


Each year develop projects for land and drainage control in LSEA.

Prioritize projects for submission to the Finance Committee for inclusion in the budget.

Maintain a color coded map of LSEA that can be used for sales and visualization of the different types of lot ownership and lots to be maintained in LSEA ownership for amenities, drainage control, etc.

Combine lots into building sites for sales.

Pricing of LSEA sites for sales.

Work collaboratively with other LSEA committees.

Determine value of all lots requesting RFR as A, B, or C. to assist the BOD in decisions.


Bill Guinther, Chairperson
[email protected]

Lea Dixon, Board Liaison

Brigita Keene

Mark Vaughn

Mark Richardson

Michelle Thomas (Staff Liaison)