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Property Management and Development Committee




The Property Management and Development Committee desires to develop a comprehensive property management and property development plan for the community of Lake Sherwood. This plan would identify, analyze and plan around our limiting factors for residential growth. The plan will also establish adequate common ground and green space, as well as amenities such as but not limited to dog parks, walking trails, community garden locations, future small lake development, and retirement villas.




Hundreds of Lake Sherwood properties are in the possession of Lake Sherwood Estates Association itself and by Warren County due to delinquent/non payment of taxes. A strategic review of these properties will be conducted to determine best use. Various strategies could be used to maximize the benefits of such properties.

We will work with and align plans with other Lake Sherwood Committees to determine the needs and possibilities for LSEA owned properties and those currently held by Warren County. It is expected that review of such properties will occur on a plat-by-plat basis.

For 2014 – Develop a three year plan to begin the implementation this charter.

Create a sustainable process to implement the plan as opportunities to re-purpose lots become available.


Board Liaison, Bob Manchester
Bill Guinther, chairperson – [email protected]
PO Box 1195
Lake Sherwood, MO 63357

Deborah Good
Brigita Keene
Laurie Jo Patton
Jerry Thornton
Mark Vaughn

Michelle Thomas