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Watershed and Silt Remediation Committee


To be the Lake community that provides quality lake care and maintenance in order to maintain and enhance the property values for those owners, and to attract new owners to a high-quality lake community living.


To develop a watershed/silt management plan and budget commitment for long-term care and maintenance of the most important assets in the Lake Sherwood community—our lakes

CHARTER— The Watershed and Silt Remediation Committee (WSRC) is established as a standing committee for the purpose of developing a plan for the watershed and drainage control and removal and remediation of the silt in all of our lakes. It is necessary that membership of WSRC include representation from our Lakes and Dams Committee, Utilities Committee and our Property Management and Development Committee.


The ultimate goal or objective is to include, as part of annual project evaluation, reserving and budgeting to enable a cadence or routine, similar to our road maintenance approach, to address the various projects—(removal, infiltration controls, equipment purchase and operation, material movement) necessary to manage the watershed/silt infiltration challenges on an ongoing basis. The charges to the committee are to be but not necessarily limited to:

a. Develop and continue a good working relationship with an engineering firm specializing in watershed management.

b. Identify and Implement short term watershed and silt remediation control efforts in areas of immediate concern

c. Establish a long-term watershed and silt remediation program similar to our roads program with targeted annual efforts.

d. Conduct annual silt measurements in all of our lakes.

e. Produce an annual report to our board and community.


Kyle McCollom, Chairperson

P.O. Box 1534

Lake Sherwood, MO 63357

Dave Parker, Board Liaison

Bill Guinther

Linda Becher

Gerry Cecil

Steve Medlock

Rick Mestre

Eric Schwarz

Dave Sandberg

Steve Petelik