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Long Range Planning




Create and maintain a Mission and Vision statement for Lake Sherwood Estates Association to provide a reference point for the Board of Directors and all committees. The mission and vision statements are intended to provide the guideposts for the development, maintenance and sustainability of the community, and will be voted upon by the Board of Directors for adoption. This Mission and Vision statement will be reviewed every 5 years by the Long Range Planning Committee or sooner if requested by the Board of Directors.

Provide a long term planning process that that identifies a long term planning items and goals and a process to address the most pressing, long-term planning items as identified by the Board of Directors.


Mission and Vision Statement


Create the draft of a mission /vision statement to present to the LSEA BOD (Board) for consideration.

The Board may seek various means to validate that the mission and vision statements are aligned with current community thinking and provide feedback to the LRPC.

A final draft will be present to the LSEA Board of Directors (Board) for approval. This document will provide the general guidance for shaping strategies and policies for the development and sustainability of Lake Sherwood Estates.

Long Range Plan


The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) will create a list of planning items and continue to add or delete planning items as part of its regular committee activities. Since many of these planning items may involve work that other committees are assigned to address within their charters, the long range planning committee will collaborate with other such committees to develop a 3 year action plan. Planning items not included in the 3 year action plan horizon will be maintained in a list for future consideration.

The purpose of a 3 year action plan is to provide consistency in approach to addressing long term planning items and needs of the community. It does not imply that the planning items addressed are intended to consider only 3 years in the future. Part of the three year plan will be to address an issue which will have impact of the direction of the community for the foreseeable future.

Planning items may present the need for consolidation of ideas into alternative plans when addressing significant matters that affect the fundamental nature of our community. At the direction of the Board, such alternative plans will be assembled by the LRPC and presented in a way that allows the Board to weigh the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats of each plan.

Each item of the plan must have a clearly stated objective and measureable outcomes to be achieved within the horizon of the plan, including:

  • Description
  • Fundingmodel
  • Timelineand Milestones
  • Evaluation of the current situation versus planned timeline and milestone
  • Remediation options to address anyplan shortfall, as required

Each Committee will be responsible for estimating costs associated with their items of the 3 year action plan and these costs will be reviewed by the Finance Committee. If the Finance Committee agrees, the plan will be sent to the Board of Directors.

The Board will review the plan and vote to accept it. If not accepted, the Board will provide a list of deficiencies in the plan and request the Long Range Planning Committee to rework the plan following steps a through f.

Each year after new Board Members are elected, this 3 year action plan will be reviewed to determine if the 3 year action plan planning items and future planning items should be re-prioritized.

Changes in the 3 year action plan should be sent back to the Long Range Planning Committee for evaluation and preparation for re-submission through to process of steps a through f above as part of the due diligence of the long range planning process.

The Long Term Planning Committee will provide periodic progress reports on the 3 year action plan as requested by the Board of Directors.

Surveys of Community members will be conducted based on the requirements of the committees and support of the board to address the results of the survey.



Board Liaison, Al Jones

Maria Foster

Sarah Gregory

Scott Morgan

Lea Dixon

Mark Vaughn

John Hofman

Martha Garrett