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Lake Sherwood Estates Association manages its own infrastructure and provides its own drinking water and waste water treatment facilities.

Our water infrastructure includes deep water wells, booster pumps, standpipes/water towers and 26 miles of water lines.

Our waste water infrastructure includes wastewater treatment facility with UV system, lift stations, as well as 26 miles of waste water lines.

Both water and wastewater systems are accessible by all lot owners throughout the community, for connection when homes are built. The Utilities Committee working in concert with Public Works, Administrative Staff and the Board of Directors works to provide the Lake Sherwood owner with quality drinking water, reliable and adequate water volume for fire protection (town class 5), proper wastewater collection and treatment as well as economically responsible trash/refuse disposal service.

Lake Sherwood Estates Association drinking water and water treatment facilities are owned and operated by the community and its public works department and are certified for operation by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Our annual Consumer Confidence water quality report routinely meets and exceeds the MODNR water quality requirements and is available via this link. MO6036039.pdf.

The Utilities Committee of Lake Sherwood Estates Association works to provide timely and appropriate recommendations to the Lake Sherwood Estates Association Board, Administration Staff, Public Works and the community to provide high quality sustainable drinking water and waste water treatment at market competitive rates to meet and exceed association owners’ expectations.



The Utility Committee will work to provide Lake Sherwood property owners with quality drinking water, sufficient water for fire protection, proper wastewater collection and treatment and economically responsible trash service.



The Utility Committee will accomplish these objectives with timely recommendations to the Lake Sherwood Estates Association Board, Administration and Public works Staff on activities, matters and rates related to these services.

This Committee is Currently Inactive. Please Contact the Lake Sherwood Office for Utilities Inquiries