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Lake Sherwood has its own sewage treatment plant, three water towers, several miles of sewer and water lines plus a sewage treatment facility.



The Utility Committee will work to provide Lake Sherwood property owners with quality drinking water, sufficient water for fire protection, proper wastewater collection and treatment and environmentally responsible trash service.



The Utility Committee will accomplish these objectives withtimely recommendations to the Lake Sherwood Board, Administration and Staff on activities,matters and rates related to these services.

Board Liaison, Jerry Thornton
Susie Thornton, chairperson – [email protected]


PO Box 1481
Lake Sherwood, MO 63357

Mark Ehrle
Deborah Good

  Bill Guinther
Elias McDonald
Denise Mense
Don Owenby
Marvin Reis
Hans Rodgers

Gerry Cecil