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Ad-Hoc Neighborhood Watch




The Neighbor Hood Watch program trains you to observe and report suspicious activities in your neighborhood. It empowers you to be informed on what information Law enforcement officers need when you report crimes or suspicious activity. Knowing your neighbor and helping Lake Sherwood as a whole is a key benefit of this program. Sherwood, it is time to get involved in a positive way to help curb the current trends that are occurring.



  • A crime prevention program where neighbors “look out for each other”.
  • Encourages neighbor participation to get involved and know common routines and habits so that any out of pace activity can be observed and recognized.
  • Trains you in how to observe, recognize and report suspicious activity in the proper manner to law enforcement and Lake Sherwood Security.
  • Raise community’s awareness of each other and the needs that others may have as far the health and welfare of each other.
  • A cohesive organization of concerned neighbor participants addressing the many issues that concern the community.


Bill Stewart, chairperson 636-828-4447
[email protected]