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Community Planning



The Community Planning activity is a Board of Directors-driven activity and is not a committee as such. Community Planning meetings are,,in effect, a Board of Directors workshop. The Board has committed itself to generate a vision for Sherwood’s future. The Board is generating ideas/suggestions that would benefit all members of the community. Community Planning is a discussion forum and are open meetings. We (Board) are getting input from the Long Range Planning and Property Management and Development Committees. A September 13th date has been set for a town hall meeting to make a presentation of what has been developed and to get further LSEA member input. PLEASE READ THE BOARD PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE in the June 2014 issue of the Arrow for history and insight as to the reasons for and the importance of the Community Planning Meetings. Click on the “Communications” menu item and then click on Arrows (current year).It would benefit all property owners in Lake Sherwood to be involved with the Community Planning meetings.